As a winemaker, I believe the first step to great wine is great grapes. When one has good fruit, minimal manipulation is required to create a fantastic product. So the first step in my winemaking process is to procure fruit from the Willow Creek appellation in Paso Robles. Here, steep slopes and heavy limestone help create concentrated, flavorful fruit. We want bold wines, with complexity and body, an intriguing nose and a long finish. To get this, we age all of our wines in oak, both French and American. This gives the white wines bold vanilla and oak flavors to balance out the fruit. For the reds, this gives round tannins and a great finish. We also want wines that are approachable, with soft tannins and a nice mouthfeel. To obtain this, we pumpover all of our wines 5-6 times a day during the fermentation process.   

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2013 Cabernet was cold soaked at 40 degrees for seven days. We extended skin contact for three to five weeks, while pumped over five to six times per day. It was then pressed and pumped to barrels, and aged 18-26 months in French oak. 

2014 Liquid luck

The 2014 Liquid Luck was tank fermented and then moved to 100% French oak Demi-Muid and Cigar barrels, where it was put through malolactic fermentation. It was aged on Chardonnay lees for 12 months. 

2014 Pinot Noir

The 2014 Pinot Noir was hand picked at 26 Brix with good acidity at .61 TA. The grapes were cold soaked at 40 degrees for 9 days and then yeasted with a special yeast from the Burgundy region of France. It was fermented at 80 degrees for two weeks and then left on the skins for another month to bring out all the flavors of Pinot Noir. Pressed immediately to 100% 80 gallon French Oak barrels and 160 gallon French Oak Demi-Muids. 

2016 Viognier

The 2016 Viognier was grown on teepees (as is common in Cote Rotie and Condreiu) and picked at 24 Brix. The grapes sat on the skins for 36 hours, then immediately pressed to new French Oak barrels. The wine was stirred on the lees once a week for 11 months, to create that creamy mouthfeel.