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Serrano Wine Estate




Private vineyard EXperience

During the covid-19 pandemic, we realized people just wanted to get out of their house, in a safe and healthy manner. We are blessed to have access to a large vineyard plot, where social distancing is quite easy. So we decided to open up access to the vineyard, and our new observation deck, to give people the chance to spend some time drinking wine in a beautiful location, even if just to break up the monotony of everyday life. 

So whats the deal? 

$100 for 2 people includes:
An unopened bottle of wine
Two brand new wine glasses
A new corkscrew
And 1.5 hours reserved on the deck

(All of these are to be taken home with you)

For 4 people, or more, the package is multiplied accordingly.

To inquire about appointments, please fill out the prospective reservation form and we will get back to you ASAP.
Please note, your requested time may already be booked and we will contact you to find a different time slot.
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