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Serrano Wine Estate



ser·ra·no    /seˈränō/ 
one of/from the mountains; highlander

Brice and Sarah Garrett are the owners and winemaking team behind Serrano Wine. The two met at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. The small campus  is tucked away just off the Cumberland plateau, and students affectionately refer to the school as "The Mountain." 

By definition, Serrano means "one of/from the mountains." Their beginning on the Mountain was followed by graduation and a move out to Paso Robles, California.  Sarah had spent most of her childhood summers visiting this area where her mother and stepfather had vineyards and a winery. With great aspirations of becoming the newest generation of winemakers, they took on the first of the many mountainous challenges in the wine industry: starting their own business. 

The two started as cellar rats at Rabbit Ridge winery, and quickly found a niche crafting their brand on the side. They both aspired to make wines that appealed to the younger generation of millennials, while also captivating established wine drinkers. They felt this would be accomplished by producing wines that were full in body with round, softer tannins. The goal was to make great wine that was approachable, while not sacrificing big body, flavor, and complexity. 

Today, the two still cling to the idea of conquering their mountains. They are now looking to enhance their product by planting and cultivating their own vineyards in old world fashion. They goal now is to not only create the best wines of Paso Robles, but to also grow the most renown grapes in the region. The duo believes that great grapes come one cluster at a time, and are focusing their energies both in the cellar and the vineyard. 

Serrano is more than just wine. It is a mindset that we are taking on mountains in life. For one to be 'of the mountain,' he or she must first find his or her mountain. We found our mountain, and we hope to help you find yours as well.