2016 Firebolt

2016 firebolt


This wine is a blend of 40% Zinfandel, 40% Petite Sirah, and 20% Syrah. We crafted Firebolt to combine bold fruit flavors with inky structure that can be found in the grapes of Paso Robles. 

Brice has always had a soft spot for Paso Zins, especially ones that have a spicy flavor profile. But I have never really been a huge fan of big Zinfandels. So we set to work to create a Zin blend that wasn't too "zin-y." With 40% Zinfandel, you still get the hints of jam and spice. The Petite Sirah provides strong structure and power to this blend, while the Syrah smooths out the edges with bold fruit flavor. This is a blend that will sweep  you off your feet!

According to stories, a Firebolt is a racing broom; the most powerful one ever created. The object can be described as one that moves with brut force, speed, and unprecedented finesse. This is the perfect description for this wine, it will hit you with a flavorful punch but leave your palate with smooth, soft finish.